Monday, July 6, 2015

Mama left me!!!!

 Mama actually left me for two weeks and flew to Seattle to the UofW Medical Center and had surgery for her Lymphedema.  I am so glad to have her back even though daddy took great care of me while she was gone.  I hate it when my pack is not together.

She stayed with friends and enjoyed sunny weather every day!

This was the cute house she stayed in...

and the view from the veranda... what a great place to heal.

Ate yummy organic food and got to shop at PCC, Whole Foods and Trader Joes!

She only had her iphone but still managed to take some pretty pictures to send me.

She said she missed me most when she would go to the parks...here is Lincoln Park.

I think she must really like big sticks like me...

Stika Rose

Looking back at the neighborhood of Fauntleroy in West Seattle.

Thanks Mama!  I was missing you too!

Then she went to a farmers market in West Seattle, I love the markets!
Ohhh, fresh made cider and cheeses!

You can bet she bought some of those!

Mama says she dreams of living on the water someday.

This is a picture taken at Alki Beach 
Mama says she burned her feet on the sand here it was so hot!  

She got daddy a T-Shirt from the Alki Beach Surf Shop.

This is the Shell Oil Rig in the Port of Seattle being prepped to come up here to Alaska and drill for more oil.

Mama says she enjoyed visiting with her friends in Seattle but was very glad to get home to our pack.  Her surgery went very well and she is very happy about that too!
 I did my Happy Dance at the airport when she arrived!!!

And she brought me goodies and some of that cheese too!


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