Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bingo and the Saturday Farmers Market

Our little foster dog Bingo is in a trial placement with a very nice couple who have a Mini Aussie about the same age.  They seem to get on well together.  If that continues Bingo may have found his furever home. 
We will miss that little scamp but the cats here are celebrating his exit.  The farmer's market was the ticket!  We made him a vest that said "Adopt me" and handed out cards...wow, what great responses we got.

We expect many phone calls and hope to have some other homes to fall back on just in case this one does not work out.  And we know there is a 6 year old Mini Aussie listed on Craigslist so we can direct folks to that dog as well.

We love going to the local farmers market for so many reasons...

Not only is it a great place to find a home for Bingo, it is a fun place to meet other dogs.

Shop for wonderful home made goodies...
This vendor makes creams and lotions from local honey.

Here is our favorite jam and jelly maker, her fruit combinations are Delicious!

Fresh organic vegetables are just coming in, more and more each week.

Plenty of pretty flowers and plants for sale.

Good stuff to eat, I especially like to cruise the ground for droppings!
Salmon Burgers and Reindeer dogs are the best!!!

Mama likes the Taco Truck!

And wine tasting today!  What a treat for mama, I myself am not really fond of spirits.

Fresh caught seafood, Yummy!!!

And locally grown meats free of hormones, antibiotics and grass fed.  If you're gonna eat meat, this is the good stuff.  We are gonna have a pork roast tonight.

They even have live music!  Ryker approved!
This is just a sampling of all the fun things at the market on Saturday close to our house.  Each week it just gets bigger and better!


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