Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garden invaders !

My backyard garden has been invaded...
Who Let the Cats Out...woof....woof...woof woof
                       They better not touch my strawberries or carrots...they can have the zucchini !

Record Breaking in Anchorage Alaska !

It's been a soggy summer in Anchorage this year, and on Saturday it broke a 59 year record.
The National Weather Service confirmed that Saturday is the 28th consecutive day of wet rainy weather.
The last time Anchorage saw 27 consecutive days of soggy weather was in late November and early December of 1951.
Well, I have nice skin...no dryness or sunburns, it is very green outside, didn't have to water the yard much. I was going to say I was looking at the bright side but...that would be a bad pun.
Ryker didn't care, we still had a great summer.

                                       Here we go to the dog park with the lake again...
Hey, what is that stuck to my butt?
Maybe I can shake it off ? Nope, mom had to remove it for me. It had spines!
Even though it is cloudy and just got done raining it is pretty hot and muggy out today. A nice swim to cool off would be perfect.

Ahhh, cute little puppy!

OK mom, take me home. I'll ride in back cuz mom says I'm a stinky muddy mess! I think I smell Great! Guess I'm gonna get another bath when I get home : (
Oh well, it was worth it. Hope you all had a great weekend too.

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