Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bubble Invasion

Today I ran out of the garage and I saw . . . floating bubbles? They were spooky. Seems I remember seeing them somewhere before though.

So I had to check it out. I snuck up on one of 'em and took a sniff and nibbled at it.

YUCK, they got a funny taste.

Right then I saw a bunch more of them coming down. Now I remember where I saw them before. I saw them on TV. They're UFOs!! We're being invaded!

You gotta be really fast to catch these things. Lightning fast. Here I am using my Ninja speed.

Pffft. Pfffft. Yuck. Tastes just like space aliens. Pffft.

Sometimes you gotta creep up under them so they don't fly away before you can bite 'em. They're sneaky like that.

Got that one good. That'll learn 'em to invade Ryker territory!

They kept coming in waves for almost an hour. I got most of them here, but even with my ninja speed, some got away.

So you guys keep your eye out. If you see any UFOs, you gotta bite 'em right away. Spread the word. I gotta go. Mom says dinner is ready.

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