Sunday, September 1, 2013

New park in town and Puppy Love!

Yup, a new dog park!  It is fenced and small and has good rules.  We just had to go check it out.

Well Hello, looks like you want to play!

OK, catch me if you can...
Wow, where did all of you come from?  I'm still the leader of the pack!

Time for a break, and who do we have here?  A young female Aussie and an English Shepard pup.  Cool!

Myrah is in the background and she came from Texas.  Her best buddy is Dolly.

We all got a good laugh at little Taco greeting a Great Dane!

He had to stand up on his hind legs to give the official sniff greeting!

It took a while for Myrah to warm up to the group but she finally got off her chair and joined in the fun.  Such a pretty girl.

I'll watch over her.  Good girl, that's how it's done.

Now this is the best park ever!

Hey Mama, Does Myrah live here?  Will she be here every time we come?

I sure hope so!
Can we come back tomorrow?


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