Saturday, November 6, 2010

I have a new fun place to play!

Since going to the Cemetery on Halloween we discovered an area toward the back that is just made for play.
It has rolling empty grass covered hills with short grass, soon to be snow covered. It is the uninhabited part of the Cemetery...Cemetery in waiting. 
 Absolutely great for ball throwing and frisbee and with mountain views you can't beat! We had a really fun time playing ball and next time mom says we will bring the frisbee. There was a lot of camera flashing going on but that is a given!

                  We had a little hail storm while we were there...check out these mushrooms I found !

                        After all that fun ball time it's time to pay up and pose for the flash box.

                                                          How do you like that smile?

                                                         Here is a silly smile for ya!

                 What are you doing laying on the ground there mom?  I'm tryin' hard not to attack you and lick  your face...you know I can't hold my licker!  

 I'm goin' for the aloof handsome look...kinda Bogie.  Cept' I got something on my chin, just ignore it would ya?

                                        Oh, I can see my breath. 31 degrees out this afternoon.

Hope you all aren't  bored with all the photos but mom started this blog as a way to organize and store all her favorite photos of me...she seems to like them all!  Good grief.  Mom, your a nurse...ever heard of Triage?

                                                    Holey Sheep!   Too much Flash !!!

                                          That's it, time to go home !  Or play more ball !


                       Ahhh, that's more like it!  Hope your having a great weekend!  See ya later!


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