Saturday, March 10, 2012

MOOSE ! Don't miss this one!

I know you're gonna love this post.  I think you have seen the twins here before, they were born last year.  The smaller one came a visiting...Mama calls him Sweet Pea.

Isn't he just a cutie pie?

Friendly, curious and a bit shy.

I had done a little counter surfing and took this bag outside.  Can't remember what had been in it but Sweet Pea had to check it out.

Moose have to get down on their knees to eat off the ground.

 Morty checking out the Moose.  He doesn't look to pleased with the situation.

Sweet Pea ambling up onto the back deck...

Hey Mama, we got company!

Holy Cow, or I guess it should be Bull in this case.

I'm not sure you should let him in, he is awfully BIG!


"You guys having salad for dinner, hope your vegetarians!"

Bums rush

OMD, he is giving me a raspberry!  Maybe I should tell him we have moose meat in the freezer.

Well, that was a close encounter of the "moosey" kind!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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