Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just back from Washington and Oregon

Mama was suppose to let you all know we were leaving on a vacation last week. Well, go figure! She forgot.  We just got home Thursday night and at least she took a bunch of photos to share with you.

Mama and I are going to visit cousins and I am going to also meet up with some of my doggy family!

Here I am on the plane, humm, I am not to sure about this flying stuff.  I prefer to do it with my own steam and Frisbee in mouth.
Take offs an landings were interesting, but all is well when I'm with my mama.

                     Yeah, Cousin Bev.  I Love You!  it's so good to see you again!

And looks who's first Birthday Party we get to attend!  Dylan is cousin Bev's Great Grandson.

Then later in the week I got to spend time with my Grandma Kelsey and nephew Nelson.  Some of you may remember Nelson from all the photos we posted when my half-sisters pups were born this Spring.

I come from good stock! 

Nelson gave me a good doggy greeting...

He's dog-gone cute!  One blue eye is looking at me.

What? What is it???
Somebody must be walking by with food.

We had a real good time handing out together.

Grandma Kelsey had to put me in my place a couple times.  Guess humping the GM is way outta bounds!  Lesson learned, sorry Grandma.

OK, everybody give a big Awwww!  I think that is a very wistful look.

I guess I wore the little guy out.  Hey mama, was I ever this cute when I was a puppy?
Mama say "Oh Yes, you were cute, cute,cute!"

I have lots more vacation  fun to share with  you in upcoming blogs.  But now I have to go catch up on the Pet Olympics and see what I missed last week.
  And my sincere apologies to Wyatt and Stanize who I had hoped to visit but just did not have the time as we were only in Washington for a week.  The time just flew by celebrating two Birthdays and two family reunions.


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