Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ducks, swimming, frisbee, park!


What an awesome day I spent in the park...

Cousin Bev is visiting and mom took us to the mid-town park for the afternoon.  The sun was really bright and oh so warm.  Bev is really fun and likes to throw the round thingy for me.

The more I jumped the more she would throw it!

I don't need much encouragement!

This is also the park with a lake filled full of ducks and geese!  Perfect!

I could use a swim to cool off and get a big drink.  It is hot out today!

And waterfowl to entertain me too!

Baby ducks and geese abound.  Here are some goslings swimming with their parents.

Mama ducks with their ducklings.

So cute!

They can even walk (or run) on water.  Here they are running to dad and away from me.

I met a friend of mine, Noodles!  Sometimes I see  Noodles at the dentist office where mom gets her teeth checked.  Noodles belongs to one of the nice ladies that work there.

I made a new friend. A very pretty Bull Terrier and she likes to play Frisbee too!  Can't beat that.

What a super duper day!

awesome...solving the Wheel of Fortune puzzle before the people on the show.


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