Saturday, March 17, 2012


If you know me then you know that one of my bad habits (I don't have many) is counter surfing.

Just the other night Mama was getting really worried about me cuz I kept chuffing( a cough/burp/choking thing),  and acting strange.  She said I was acting all sheepish like I was in trouble but maybe it was just because I was feeling bad.  She was getting ready to take me into the emergency late night Vet clinic ( it is midnight),  when she discovered an 8 oz. chunk of cheese missing off the kitchen counter. 

She took me into the kitchen and pointed at the counter and asked me what happened to the cheese.

What could I say...I looked her in the eye and let out a big BURP!  Enough said.

Once the cat (or cheese) was out of the bag, I began to feel better even though I was in deep doodoo with mama.


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