Saturday, August 15, 2015

flowers, kids and lake time...

The fun never ends!  We continue to have a fabulous summer!

Flower bring bees and bugs, not my favorite.  I snap at them routinely.

Mama says she can't tell which is more beautiful, me or the flowers.  I got a little miffed at that!

Do you have trouble deciding???

Now look at this pose, how can I not be the most beautiful?  I am really trying here.

What I find beautiful is a child that loves to throw a ball for me...

This one is perfect!

This one works out well for me also...

But mama, she can be a tease!

Throw the dang thing will ya?

Oh, things I have to put up with!

Do you see the pleading in these blue eyes???

OK, how about a raspberry for you!


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