Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nice Thanksgiving Break


     Yup, we did have a nice Thanksgiving break.  We saw a nice big Bull moose not far from our house.

                               Later that day we went to the pet shop!!!  I had a blast...

The first thing you have to do is check under all the shelves for spilled kibble and treats.  I always find some!

                                     Then you have to go check out the small animals...
                  Whoo Hooo, a baby bunny!  Now how do they know to be afraid of me already???

                                                           Now for some big fat mice!
                                                 Mom? Can I have one, Please?
                                                    (In your dreams little one)

Mom made a Christmas card with a picture of me on the front. She said she is working on another design but needed to get this one in the overseas mail early.
                          We gotta get to bed early tonight, it's back to school in the morning. Drat!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving !


Or I should say Happy Turkey Day, cuz I sure ate my share!

We were also blessed with two extra days off due to ice rain and super slick streets!  And on Thanksgiving morning we woke to a beautiful heavy snowfall.  It was so pretty  to look out as mom cooked up a good meal.

I nearly ate my weight in turkey and so did the cats. I really wanted pie for desert but mom said no...she did let me clean her pie plate when she was done.  I would have preferred a whole piece!

I had a good romp in the snow while the bird was cooking.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter flowers


Mom has been enjoying looking at what other folks have still blooming in their yards.  Here is what we found on our walk...

But inside the house we have Orchids blooming. Mom keeps them on a tile table in the dining room window and when they bloom she moves them into the garden window over the kitchen sink so she can enjoy them
when she is either cooking or doing dishes.

                          You might remember this one, it has been nonstop blooming since spring!

So you see, it is not all doom and gloom around here. Even though the days are short and the darkness long we still have a colorful life up here in the north country.

                                                                Catch ya later!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Pass it on, for those in WY. Aussie in need.

WY, Casper: "Screetch", Visually Impaired Australian Shepherd

I am a special girl.

Date of Birth: 09/2002

Screetch came to the shelter in September of 2010. Her owner was unable to give her the care and attention that she needed and surrendered her to us.

Screetch is a sweet and timid girl. She is visually impaired and is easily frightened.

Screetch is looking for a forever home. She needs a home where she will receive lots of love and feel safe.

If you can help Screetch, please contact:
Casper Humane Society, Casper, WY


Sunday, November 21, 2010



                Mom says the little creek on the trail behind our house has frozen.  I'm not so sure...

                                                      Aww man, what to do, what to do?

                                                  Maybe if I creep very very slowly.....

                                                              And crawl on my belly......

Oh so close now

Oh yea

                                  Ahhh, the taste of sweet success, or soggy bark and sawdust!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hoppin' at the Dog Park

Happy Sat. Blog Hop...I got to do some hoppin' at my favorite Dog Park "Connor's Lake". I didn't even go to the lake but made many more new doggy friends including an Aussie named Bella that was born 50 miles north of Anchorage in Palmer.

Bella is a standard size Red Merle and sweet as can be.  Can you believe that the people who got her as a puppy returned her to the breeder 9 months later?  Well, at least they returned her instead of some other awful things they could have done.  A very nice lady then bought her and they are forever friends.  Bella is very sweet and loves to chase me.

see me hoppin'

                                   Then another Aussie came to say hello, a nice older gentleman. 

                                                We Aussies are taking over the Dog Park!!

                           Uh Oh, we got some heady competition coming in....check out this dude!

What a bunch of Bull!

Can't end this with out my traditional stick picture.  I even tripped my mom with it and she fell down, bruised her knee, and said a bunch of bad words.  Then she took my stick away.  Ahhh, man, she's no fun. She said at least I didn't bust her camera.

                                                          Happy Hoppin' Everyone!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Passing it on for folks near West Virginia...she is a cutie!

WV, Princeton: "Missy", Blind Heeler Puppy

Age: ~10-12 weeks old
She came into our shelter about a week and a half ago, a man found her sitting in the middle of the road one night. I took her to the vet because she was having seizures and he said she was running into walls. The vet thinks maybe she had some head trauma from being in the road, and she hasn't had a seizure since. She is adapting well to being blind, being very playful and starting to use her other senses. She is VERY healthy, has already grown like a weed! She has had her first vaccination and has been wormed. I am fostering her, but I have 7 other fosters, so I'm a little overloaded right now. Our shelter is 
Mercer County Animal Shelter and we are located in Princeton, WV.

If you can help this pup, please contact:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My neighbor dogs and a tortoise named Bogie

I love the dogs that live across the street from me.  I cry and carry on when I see them out in the yard. Finnegan and I have so much fun playing together and little Tally is always trying to kick my butt, or bite it.


    Finny is a Wheaten Terrier and a little bit younger than me.  He is very sweet and loves to play.

                                                    Before Fin it was just Tally and Bogie....

 Yup, Bogie is a tortoise and they have had him since he was a baby and he is 26 years old!  Pretty cool huh?
He must be a very tolerant tortoise to put up with feisty little Tally.  She's a rescued terrier mix and looks almost like a mini Finny!

               Love thy Neighbor... no problem here.  Who couldn't love a sweet fur face like Fin!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

A runnin' and a sniffin'

Mom and her friend K started out their day with breakfast at a wonderful little dive called Judy's. Home cookin' and always a line to get a seat.

They are gonna need some energy to keep up with us as we head to the South Anchorage Sports Park.  It is about 40 acres of ball fields, soccer fields, paint ball area, woodlands and trails. It has warmed up to 36 degrees and the snow is wet and sloppy...at least we'll have good traction.

                       Hummm, some dog has been here before me.  Better read this Pee-mail!

                                                                 More Pee-mail....don't ya hate spammers!

                                                              And the chase is on...

                                      It's the bigger the better when it comes to sticks!

                                                                    Shall we dance?

                                      You must bow to your elders, you frisky pup!

              I don't think so Baxter, I am an Aussie and I bow to no one!     *except maybe mom*

                                Gotta leave you with this silly one...moms favorite of the day!


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