Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hoppin' at the Dog Park

Happy Sat. Blog Hop...I got to do some hoppin' at my favorite Dog Park "Connor's Lake". I didn't even go to the lake but made many more new doggy friends including an Aussie named Bella that was born 50 miles north of Anchorage in Palmer.

Bella is a standard size Red Merle and sweet as can be.  Can you believe that the people who got her as a puppy returned her to the breeder 9 months later?  Well, at least they returned her instead of some other awful things they could have done.  A very nice lady then bought her and they are forever friends.  Bella is very sweet and loves to chase me.

see me hoppin'

                                   Then another Aussie came to say hello, a nice older gentleman. 

                                                We Aussies are taking over the Dog Park!!

                           Uh Oh, we got some heady competition coming in....check out this dude!

What a bunch of Bull!

Can't end this with out my traditional stick picture.  I even tripped my mom with it and she fell down, bruised her knee, and said a bunch of bad words.  Then she took my stick away.  Ahhh, man, she's no fun. She said at least I didn't bust her camera.

                                                          Happy Hoppin' Everyone!



  1. I've never seen coloring like Bella's, she's very pretty. It looks like you had fun with your friends.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Beautiful new friend. And we do like that you think big.

  3. You're a popular pup, Ryker. Looks like you made some sweet friends at the dog park.

  4. You have such good looking friends, Ryker! I'm really glad that Bella found her forever home. It's sad when people get a pet and then return it, but I'm glad Bella had a happy ending. Hope your mom's knee feels better soon. I always enjoy visiting your blog!

  5. Oh, Ryker, that's some stick! I hope your Mom is OK. You have some pawsome friends--I hope you get to play with them lots.

  6. Go big or go home! That's one heck of a stick. At least you have the sense to carry it in the middle so that it is balanced:) (Unlike some dogs I know...)

  7. Aussies are awesome :) Boy oh boy you are lucky you didn't hurt the camera! That would start a war around here :)

    Emma Rose

  8. I've never seen a red-merle before, Bella is so beautiful, the old gentleman is handsome and your other friends are simply gorgeous! I like all your new friends. Sigh!!! it seems your mom never learns any lessons from you : )

  9. Ryker :) What fun you have a snow park! Bella is beautiful :) I've never seen a stick so big. I'm thinkin it was a small tree ;) Naughty you for knockin your Mom over BOL! Thank goodness the camera was okay ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  10. oh Bella is beautiful! Looks like another fun fun time at the dog park...oh and be careful with the stick; don't want mom to get seriously hurt!

    Boomer and Bluebelle


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