Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crazy August

This August has been a crazy busy month.  I have had some grand adventures and the garden has grown...
The moose ate all our lettuce, no big deal to me as I don't like lettuce.

 I made more trips to the dog park...
Took some naps...

and had some good eats!

I of course played frisbee!
And watched the gardens grow  : )

We went to the store and mom got me a new Frisbee!
I wanted a cookie but mom got me a healthy snack instead.
She is always looking out for me.  (don't tell her but I would have preferred the pretty cookie!)

So as you can see I am having a pretty fabulous August.  And it's not over yet so there is more to come!
Humps and licks to all my friends out there!

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