Sunday, January 30, 2011

View Anchorage Alaska


I know this is my doggy bloggy but I know that you all are interested in Alaska.  Our ISP has some web cams throughout the city and here are a few shots we thought you might enjoy. Here is the link to our ISP web cam site to you can go and check it out any old time.  http://www.borealisbroadband.net/webcamultiview.htm

                                                   Midtown looking North in November

                                                 Same camera on a crisp October day

                                                                 Midtown looking east

                                                               Same camera in August

                                                        Same camera at night in April

                         These next three are of Mount Susitna or otherwise called Sleeping Lady



Mom was born and lived in a house that was on the bluff and had this exact view.  Unfortunately the house was demolished in a big earthquake.  Moms dad had a duck hunting cabin below Sleeping Lady and mom would hunt there with her dad every fall.  Man, I wish I could have met him. He loved dogs and passed that love on to mom.  The last three dogs he had were Welsh Terriers like our friend George the Lad.

                                                          Town Square, downtown in January

These next two shots are taken in McGrath, Alaska.  It is a village of about four hundred people in interior Alaska.  There are no roads to McGrath, you have to fly in and out.


                                   So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed my web cam tour.


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