Friday, July 20, 2012

Is this really a graveyard?

One of our blogging friends asked if this was a real location.

It sure is, it's the back forty of our local graveyard.  No bodies in this section yet.

Just rolling hills of grass and a few golf balls.  It is one of our secret spots, not anymore I guess!

This is a place where a dog can run to his hearts content...

and enjoy the beauty that is Alaska!  That is the Chugach Mt. Range in the distance.  Look for this photo in the Pet Olympics Frisbee competition!  We hope it's a contender.

It is 73 degrees and sunny today...feels like 85!  We are all loving it!  And we love you too!

Here's hoping we all have more than 15 years of togetherness with our best friends!


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