Friday, February 24, 2012

Where does all that snow go?

Mama is back up and moving around again.  She has a big post planned for you all this week about her adventure the past 6 months.  She says to Thank all of you for the well wishes, they worked!

For the here and now I wanted to know where does the snow go when they come and plow our street?

Looks like they're building a new mountain!  Out of Snow!!
The city has filled up all its usual places for dumping and has had to lease land from private owners for more dumping space!

I prayed for a bunch of snow this winter and my prayers came true!

Daddy gave this ball away to one of my best friends last night.  I think we need to make a trip to the store and replace it ASAP!  What was he thinking?

Peek -A-Boo, I see you!

Charge!  This light fluffy snow is the best!

Good thing I got 4-paw drive !

Look at me!  Up to my neck in glorious snow and still not touching the ground.

I want mama to send this action shot to all my girlfriends.  Don't I look like an Alaskan dog?

What?  What do you mean we gotta go home?  I was just gettin' warmed up!

 Look at me.  This is my sled-dog racing pose.  I think I could win the Iditarod, don't you?

Here ya go mama, you wanna play with the ball for a little bit?  I'm gonna go get something to drink.


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