Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Belated Mother's Day

Ryker has new half siblings!

On the 11th Ryker's mom Gracie gave birth to six puppies...and so did his Grandma Kelsey!
Not only that but each had 3 blacks and 3 blue merles, AND each girl also had two boys and four girls!!!

 Here is Gracie with her 2nd litter. Isn't she just glowing with pride and happiness.  We got to name the pup that was born in Ryker's birth order, an adorable Blue Merle girl with a big white collar. Her name is Chena , after the Hot Springs in Alaska.
What a little cutie she is  : )   Can't wait to see those eyes open up. 

And here is Grandma Kelsey with what will be her last litter.  She sure doesn't look like a Grandmother! What a beautiful girl. 

 Great job ladies! Makes me wish we could have another ...  
But I have my hands full with Ryker and the 5 cats for now. I will have to be satisfied watching these pups grow via pictures for the next 8 weeks!

                                      Chena Hot Springs

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