Friday, December 31, 2010

My eyes hurt...


Mom got a new external flash for her camera for Christmas.  She really likes it...but somebody needs to tell her to take a break!

She says it really helps with taking photos indoors.  Now she is waiting for a diffuser, what ever that is.

                                                     At least I'm not her only target!

She says to tell all our friends out there that just got new cameras for Christmas that they need to put an external flash on their wish list now. Bet there are some birthdays coming up...and don't forget Valentines Day!

                                                                  Your turn Kosmo!

                                             OK mom, don't you think that is enough???

                                           Oh Krykie, I think I'm getting a headache!

                                            Would somebody make here stop, my eyes hurt!

                                 Happy New Year Everybody!  Now go enjoy some bubbly!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Frozen Pupsicle!


Here is my crazy little pup, he could not be any happier.  Guess it was just fate that he ended up in Alaska!

We have gotten a nice amount of snow this year and not too much sub zero weather so we have been able to get out and enjoy it.  The snow is dry powder. Really nice.  He has been coming home one worn out pup. He is so cute when he is tired, he gets all snugly and sleepy and begs for belly rubs.  I have not been able to wear him out until just lately...guess he is growing up. Sigh


Wordless Wednesday



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Book Two


So after mom did my baby book with Shutterfly she went on to do book two with photos and stuff about my life from six months to one year...

Mom says these books are fun to put together and turn out really nice.  They only cost about $30.00 but the company runs discounts all the time.
She is working on another one with one page per month and says maybe she can get two years of me in this one!
 I feel special!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas hat bloopers

                                   Sometimes bloopers are more fun than the main event!

                                      Here is Mort before we got the shot we posted...

                                                         More Karma...

                                                      and Mr. Photogenic... Kosmo!

                                                                   and we can't forget ME!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas in Pictures...


We certainly did have a very Merry Christmas...

I started out with a yummy marrow bone and the cats got cat nip and treats in their puzzle box.

                  Then mom, dad and grandma sat down with glasses of eggnog and opened presents.

Grandma got more presents than any of us. Mom says that's because she is ninety and deserves every one and more!

                Then the cats got more cat nip and I got some presents.  I got a squeaky eggplant!

And then I got a Nina Ottosson Dog Brick.   It is a treat puzzle and I did really good at figuring it out and getting all the treats out of it even on my first try.  Hard to fool me!

And last but not least I got a talking treat dispenser. It has mama's voice talking at me when I go and touch it!  She says if I get lonely when she is at work all I have to do is touch it and I can listen to her voice and get a treat.  Pretty cool, but I still wish she would just stay home or take me with her.

After all that fun mom cooked up a really good dinner... She called it a turducken and told me she had never had one before. Well, let me tell you, it was so delicious and she made dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy and fresh cranberry sauce and green beans too!   Oh the smells were driving me crazy!  I got some kibble mixed with turducken and gravy for dinner, good mommy!



                                                Traditional Plum Pudding for dessert!

And while everybody was resting/digesting after dinner I came within centimeters of snagging the rest of the turducken off the counter. I got the butcher knife instead and when that hit the floor it got mom's attention. Drat!  She rescued the turducken and called me a bad dog, then she laughed at me so I guess she wasn't that mad. 





 So what I heard about Christmas is right. Christmas for me is about peace, home, family, love, giving, play, and good home cooking...and don't forget the belly rubs!!! 

But not too hard, my belly is full!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Silent Night


                                           Not a creature was stirring...except Ryker.


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