Thursday, September 2, 2010

WooHooo! I won the Doggie Bloggie Award !!!

                          Many "Thank You's"  to Charlie!

                                                     10 things you don't know about me :

1.  My favorite fruit is melon...watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew...you name it, I love melons!
2.  I use my paws like a person, I grab and hold things with my toes. Some times I even chew my nails.
3.  I love to lick my mom's face. I once licked her more that fifty times in a row...she said I gave her a rash.
4.  I have a sensitive tummy, we are trying a low allergen food made of duck, rice and sweet potato to see if   that agrees with me.
5.  I like BBQ potato potato chips but not BBQ sauce.
6.  I get my teeth brushed at least once a week. Thanks mom!
7.  I love little kids.  I switch into gentle mode when around small children and  dogs.
8.  I wait most of the day outside by the garage till mom comes home from work, then I howl for her like she taught me. She really likes that.
9.  I have curly Q  fur just above my stub of a wiggly tail.
10. I don't like dog beds, they are to hot and soft. I prefer to stretch out on my side with both legs straight out on a firm surface.
11. And one for good luck...I have learned that I can and should herd Cleo Kitty back into the house if she goes outside, but I am not to herd her once she is back in the house. And that only goes for Cleo, not the other kitties. Just part of my job around here.

Hummm, now to pass along this honorable award....drum roll please.  This Doggie Bloggie Award goes to Reuben, http://sharper43.blogspot.com   Just cuz he is so dang cute and I am dying to learn 10 new things about this little pup!

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