Saturday, June 7, 2014

One tuckered out dog!

So we had this big neighborhood bash planed and mama took me to the park and played Frisbee with me till I was tired.  She wanted me to be calm at the party.

But people and kids there wanted to play with me...

Plenty of adults played too but it was hard for them to get the Frisbee away from the kids and me!

This guy had chocolate frosting on his chin...boy did I want to lick it!

I had so much fun with this little girl...she is a talker and kept telling me what to do!
and how to do it

I love her spirit!
And she loved mine, we made a good match!

Then I meet the Little Princess and her baby brother.
It must be a Royal Party!

Once these little rascals start walking they are fun!

And cute too, very cute!

Hey mama, can you get me one of these?

What do you mean "No Way"?  Look how cute he is!

We all played very well together. There was lots of sharing and story telling.

There were other dogs there, this one had to perform tricks.

Wow Wee, my dogs are barking!

I had such a great time, six hours worth and I slept like the dead.

But no worries, I'm up a raring to go and do it all over again today!

Mama is having surgery this week so may not be blogging for several weeks but she hopes to be visiting your blogs! 


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