Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Great Land

Hi Everybody, Ryker here. Mom and her friend took us to Kincaid Park and the Dunes for a day of fun and adventure. 

Mom's friend brought Baxter and Jenny along to play with.  I really like Baxter.  He's the big black dog and he can run almost as fast as I can.  We like to run and wrestle.  Jenny, the small white dog likes to walk around and smell stuff.          Check out that scenery...sweet!

It  really is nice here. I love all this sand!   I had to stop and bark at Jenny to hurry up and stop smelling so much stuff.

                         Look, there she is Still smelling stuff. Pfffft. Girls!  Hurry up would ya Jenny!

                         Woohoooooooooo! Come on Baxter.  Time to RUN!

                           Look at me, Mom.  Look at me.  Comin' at ya.


                        There are lots of sticks here and you know I'm lovin' that!

You want to take my stick?  I dare you too!

                               Lightening  speed!!  No one can catch me.

                                                      Akk, a Baxter attack!

You don't know who your dealing with Baxter my friend!

                                                             Ha, victory is mine!

                                                 Hey Baxter, where did ya go???

                                                 Oh, man, there you are. Gotcha', eat dirt!



                                                Look at me...I'm King of the Hill!

                                   Gettin' late, gettin' hungry, time to head for home.

Alaska is called the Great Land and I certainly agree!  Hey, I just had a Great Day in the Great Land.
Mom said that if I howl loud enough, you might hear me, so I howled as loud as I could.                 Did ya hear me???


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