Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coastal Trail and Westchester Lagoon

Well, it has been a while.  Summer is here even though we didn't have spring.  And I now have blisters on my foot pads from having too much fun!

 We spent some time on the Coastal Trail on a windy sunny day.

Look Sophie, I have a Ms Orangie!

Westchester Lagoon  is a waterfowl area.  Here is Papa Mallard.

If you look closely you can make out the babies on the mud below the cat-tails.

This is a shot of the mud flats and Sleeping Lady ( Mt. Susitna ) in the background.

This is looking east across the lagoon.

I got hot running around and decided to take a dip!

 It was pretty chilly but felt really good.

 What can I say...I can pop up out of the water like the Loc Ness Monster!

I love to get right up close to mama and give a good shake!

Getting a little dizzy!

Can you believe that these ducks were trying to steal my ball...it's true!

Mama has always liked these townhomes on the Lagoon.  She thinks they look very nautical.

On the south side are more modern homes.

And on the home front mama got the garden planted this week.  Every sunny day you will find her out in the yard working on the gardens and flower beds.

 The flower baskets have been hung.

And all is well here.  Sorry we were away from Blogland for so long.   But no worries, we are back at it now!


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