Sunday, November 6, 2016

Post surgery and halloween fun...

We got snow on Friday the day of my surgery...

I grew a big lump on my back, Dr. biopsy'ed it and said it was just a fatty tumor so mama did not get it removed till it got grapefruit sized.

Turns out it was not just a fatty tumor but a hemangiopericytoma, cancerous but not likely to spread and it was encapsulated so they thing they got it all.  Now I have to be a good boy and let things heal!

 Mama got scary for the kids at school...

Her and a friend wore some spooky masks!

I worn a t-shirt to keep me from messing with my stitches!  I guess I could be Frankendogger.

 For Halloween night mama said she could not resist being a KILLER CLOWN!

She was so scary that some kids would not come near the door.  Adults and teens wanted selfies with her!

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

Bring on Thanksgiving, Bring on the food!

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