Monday, December 31, 2012

Is Christmas over?

I had so much fun this Christmas, I don't want it to be over!

I loves the bright lights and all the excitement...not to mention the good eats!

Kosmo is enjoying some catnip while I chew on my Christmas bone.

Santa loves us animals

I got some new balls and frisbees too...

Our neighbor stuck this little guy in the
 basket next to our front door, what a nice surprise!

Morty had a blast playing in the boxes and wrapping paper

Kosmo purrferred to sample the eggnog...

Mama's good friend Ron makes homemade eggnog every Christmas.  It's one of our wonderful traditions to pop it open Christmas morning and partake while opening presents.  Yum!

Our tree in the front yard was loaded with snow and more was falling on Christmas day.
You gotta love a White Christmas!!!

What are you looking for Miss Karma?
Did Santa bring you a mouse?

So as you can see, I had a really great Christmas.  I just don't want it to end.

Mom says we have to move on, and that there is another big celebration coming called New Years.
Uh Oh, I remember that one... fireworks...I'm not a big fan.

I guess I better rest up for the New Year.
See ya all next year!


Friday, December 28, 2012

If you have your health & love, you have everything!

It has been 16 months since mama was diagnosed with IBC.  She had her last chemo. treatment December 6th and is doing GREAT!  She has some lymphodema problems with swelling of her left arm due to the large numbers of nodes that were removed...but, she is cancer free and feeling good!  2013 is going to be a wonderful year   : )
  And hey, she wanted to point out all that hair!  Last year she was bald and now she has curly growing hair!  Women,.... shesh, they will never have hair like me!

We are going to re-post this for the folks out there who did not see it.  Think we will post it every year about this time.    Perhaps this information will save a life.

This is information everyone should know about and so many don't.  Seems everyone I talked with at work or going about my daily activities knew nothing about IBC, Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
Inflammatory breast cancer is the rarest and most deadly of the breast cancers.  It strikes young women as often as older women, breastfeeding mothers as often as grandmothers, and women with and without a history of breast cancer in their family.  It does not always form a lump in the breast and did not in my case.  In fact I had had a mammogram in June that looked normal.  Instead, it forms in sheets and nests in the lymphatic system of the skin, appearing only after it clogs the lymph system with cancer, causing skin changes. Mine were very subtle, just a deeper pink crescent of skin about 2" by 5" that appeared suddenly and did not go away.  It did not itch or hurt, just pinker that the rest of my skin.
 Sometimes, the texture of the skin changes first, becoming tough, hard, or with little dimples like an orange peel.  Sometimes, it feels thick to the touch, or hot, or just … different.
 Luckily I headed to the Dr. in a timely manner and we diagnosed it early.
Inflammatory breast cancer is often misdiagnosed as mastitis, especially in nursing women.  The important thing to know is, if you are diagnosed with mastitis and it doesn’t clear up with 10 days of antibiotics, SOMETHING ELSE may be wrong.  Please, please go back to your health care professional and talk  again.  Ask for tests to rule out inflammatory breast cancer. Insist on further tests and a skin and/or core biopsy.  Because each week that you delay is a week that this cancer will grow and expand and be just that much harder to eradicate.
Survival rates for women diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer are grim.  Only 25 to 50 percent of women will survive five years.  Believe it or not, this is a HUGE improvement over the survival statistics of just a few years ago — when only 1-2% could expect to be alive five years after diagnosis.  Even with chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, 70% of women will suffer a recurrence. 
For more information, please visit:

My doctors feel I have a much better outlook due to the face that I got diagnosed and treated early and then had such a favorable response to the treatment, (I think it was all those prayers).

So as we are about to enter a brave new year I want to thank all of you for reaching out with your love and support.  Each person has changed my life in some way through comments and photos, sharing the love they have for their pets, family and others. It has helped me heal, laugh and learn.  I look forward to the coming year of our blogging friendships!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ryker's Christmas Story

Gather around the fire, little pups, and let me tell you a Christmas story . . .

The older doggies might remember when I talked about the Hotel Captain Cook's Pastry Chef,  Joe Hickel.   He's the one that builds a big Christmas Gingerbread Village every year.

That's him here.  Everyone else has to call him Sir, but I get to call him Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe has a website where people can go and watch him make his village every year. He has fans all around the world.

You can see his website here: http://www.captaincookchristmas.com/   It looks like this:

Come on Mama.  Let's go.  I'll steer, you work the pedals.  I know where we're going.

When we got there, we had to stop and say Hello to Ol' Saint Nick.  I gave him my Christmas list.

Mama gave him her Christmas list too.  I told Ol' Saint Nick that mama's been good all year.

They also had a big Christmas Tree there.  Isn't it pretty?

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum, Wie treu sind deine Blätter!  Owooooooo!

Bet you didn't know I could howl in German, did ya?

Hey Mama!  I found Uncle Joe!  He's in his civilian clothes!

Hiya Uncle Joe.  How ya been?

Long time no see.  I missed ya!

I decided to check out his village while Uncle Joe talked with his fans.  He depends on my opinion, you know, so I gotta do a good job.

Let's have a look here.  This looks very good.  It smells even better.

Hey Mama, you getting this on camera?  Doesn't it look pretty?  Too bad you don't have as good a smeller as I do.  It all smells delicious.

Look at the detail of this scene.  Isn't it fantastic?

Oh look.  This house is very pretty.

Do you see this, Mama?  There's an ice(ing) cave!

Hey, what's this?  Are those little people in there?

Oh bow wow!  How did he shrink those horses?  I think Uncle Joe might be magical!

Oh!  Here's another very pretty house.  Get a close up of this one, Mama.

I had to stop a minute to wish this cute little girl a Merry Kissmas.

Look here mama.  Uncle Joe built a whole subdici- . . . subdiv- . . . subci . . . neighborhood!

That almost looks like our street, don't it mama?

I must shake your paw Uncle Joe.  You did a great Job!  You are a true Artist!

High Five! 

You know what?  You did such a good job I'm gonna give you one of my SnooterSnacks.  You earned it.

You go ahead and eat that SnooterSnack, Uncle Joe.  It's delicious.  And well deserved!

And that's the story of me, Uncle Joe and the Gingerbread Village.  
We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

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