Sunday, January 24, 2010

One of my favorite pictures...Oct 09 Ryker in the woods

All Hallows Eve 2009

I'm diggin' Halloween. Gotta love kids and candy! I think I'll be a Pirate.

ARR there kiddies, hand over your candy or walk the plank!


Mort and Karma also enjoy Halloween

October 2009

Our neighbor has a new puppy too. Her name is Carly.

 October 5th was Mom's Birthday, Dad threw her a big party! I Love Parties!!!

Where's that wascal wabbit?

September in Alaska

I am getting pretty good at Frisbee!

All these little crispy things are falling from the sky...I like to jump and catch them and roll in the piles of them that mom is collecting. I wonder what she is going to with all of them?

 Mom says afternoon walks in the Fall are the best! The air smells of cranberries.

August 2009, Little Ryker is growing up fast!

Another Birthday  Party!!!  Dad and his friends are drinking  beer so it must be good stuff, think I will give it
a try.

Later that month we all went to Taku lake for a walk and a picnic. I'm not too sure about this water thing, its wet and cold.

Mom and I went through Puppy I and Puppy II class.  I think this was to train mom, so I played along. I made a lot of doggie friends  and had a really good time!


Grandma turned 89 on July 7th, here I am with her and Cousin Bev. We are gonna party!

Ryker 11 weeks and counting. June 2009

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