Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Mama's cousin Bev came and spent two weeks with us.  It has been two years since shes been here. 
I had to give her a big kiss!  

She loves to play with me!  We went to the lake several times.  We saw beaver, eagles, muskrat, and other waterfowl. 

I had a interesting itchy reaction to a mosquito bite...all better now.

Bev has a good arm and we enjoyed lots of Frisbee time!

The weather was grand so we were outside most everyday .  Here is my imitation of a dolphin!

Children love to come play in the lake too.  They seem to be drawn to me and me to them...

Dirty butt too butt!

They really go all out...or in!

I'm as happy as a fish in water!

I am practicing my patience...

Do you really have to leave me Bev?  We are having so much fun.

 I'm sure gonna miss you.  See you next year!


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