Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I did on Memorial Weekend


Mother Nature came through for us and we had lovely weather for the weekend.  After giving thanks to all our brave soldiers we set off for Mirror Lake with our blowup boat and Fun Island.  Mom bought me a life vest to help me out in the deep water.  I must say, I was very excited!

The swimming beach was packed!

The Boat launch was busy too.

Right off the bat I meet another blue eyed Aussie, what a good omen!

OK guys, the water is fine, lets get going, huh?

YeeHaa, were off!  This is really cool. I wonder how deep this lake is???

Hummm, gotta think about this a minute or two...

Aww, what the heck!  Bombs Away!  Look out everybody, Cannonball!

Mom got me a new floating Fris.  I think I'm in love!!  And this life jacket is pretty cool, but tighten it up a little mom.

A guy could get used to this : )

These folks look pretty comfy

Hey Captain, my Fris is stuck under the boat!

That's it, you almost got it!  (gotta love them Butt shots!)

Whoa, check out that plane landing on the lake!  Better watch out buddy, we are down here too.  Mom says most of the people who live on the lake have float planes.

I didn't know you could swim mom.  Sure you don't need me too come save you?

Looks like your sinking, all I can see is your head!

I like it better when she is on board.  Don't want to lose my mama!

What a fun trip, I was so pooped out I slept in mama's arms all the way home.  Let's go do this again next weekend, OK?

The sound of rain on a tin roof...awesome.


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