Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gingerbread Friends


Today Mom took me over to the Hotel Captain Cook in downtown Anchorage to meet Pastry
Chef Joe Hickel.  She says Chef Hickel builds an entire Gingerbread Village every year about this time.

Wow Mom.  This smells delicious.  All of it is food too.  The snow, the trees, the little houses, everything.
Trust me.  My nose is never wrong.

                  I wonder if anybody would notice if I licked it once or twice or a bunch of times . .

                                        Oh, look over here Mom.  There's little people over here.

                  Oh, you gotta be careful here though.  The people smell like plastic.  Can't eat those.

                       Hey Mom, tell Chef Hickel he missed a spot over here.  I didn't eat it, honest.

(Chef Hickel at the Hotel Captain Cook builds a Gingerbread Village every year out of completely
edible materials.  Gingerbread houses, chocolate fences, sugar ponds and everything else is
edible, except, of course, the little people.  You can watch Chef Hickel build his Gingerbread
Village live at http://www.captaincookchristmas.com).


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