Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vacation Madness

Each day of our vacation was packed full of fun...

I got to meet more of mama's cousins.  Bev's two daughters Cindy and Kim and of course little Dylan.  Kim is Dylan's grandmother and Bev is Great Grandmother.

Lynsey and Mitch are Dylan's parents.

So the next day we celebrated Dylan's first Birthday.  Who doesn't like a good party in the park?

Dylan got his very own little cake.  He managed to drop some on the ground just for me!  Gotta love this little tyke!

What a great party and wonderful memories captured.

We had a pool at the apartments where we stayed.  This is the life!  unfortunately I was not allowed in the pool.  What's up with that???

The weather was great every day we were there.  Sometimes overcast in the mornings but always burning off by early afternoon.

We took lots of walks and I did get to cool off in the rivers and lakes.  Mom picked wild blackberries for the very first time...they grow all over the place!

Of course mom packed my Frisbee and she found a place that sold raw prepared dog food just around the corner from where we were staying.

I like it here.  Mom had to comb out a bunch of burrs from my fur from running around in the brush.

Each night I was totally pooped out and ready to turn in early.  Had to rest up for another exciting day!


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