Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dog Park Goodtimes and a new Orchid in bloom


                      Mom took me to the Dog Park this weekend.  Here I am near the lake...

                                         It is foggy out with a fresh frosting on everything

                                    Mom threw the stick on to the lake for me several times...


                       I met a dog  named Stella.  Stella is a labradoodle and about the same age as me.

                                             We played together for the rest of the day!

Now mom wants to hijack my blog to show her latest blooming orchid.  She says this one only blooms every other year for her so she gets all excited when it does. I have to admit it is pretty cool looking.

                          Brings a touch of summer to us up here in the dark cold Alaskan winter.


eyes are the window to the soul


I get a lot of lovely comments about my eyes.  Some think they are all blue.  Actually my right eye as a 1/3 crescent of brown at the top and my left eye has a small dot of brown on the outer edge.  They are a deep blue around the iris and then quickly fade into a lighter ice blue.
                                               Thanks for looking, I'll be watching you!


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