Sunday, November 14, 2010

A runnin' and a sniffin'

Mom and her friend K started out their day with breakfast at a wonderful little dive called Judy's. Home cookin' and always a line to get a seat.

They are gonna need some energy to keep up with us as we head to the South Anchorage Sports Park.  It is about 40 acres of ball fields, soccer fields, paint ball area, woodlands and trails. It has warmed up to 36 degrees and the snow is wet and sloppy...at least we'll have good traction.

                       Hummm, some dog has been here before me.  Better read this Pee-mail!

                                                                 More Pee-mail....don't ya hate spammers!

                                                              And the chase is on...

                                      It's the bigger the better when it comes to sticks!

                                                                    Shall we dance?

                                      You must bow to your elders, you frisky pup!

              I don't think so Baxter, I am an Aussie and I bow to no one!     *except maybe mom*

                                Gotta leave you with this silly one...moms favorite of the day!


More photos that haven't been posted yet...

Mom has been taking me out at night for walks lately...not good for photo taking.  Mom says she has been meaning to post these photos so here they are. Maybe we will take a day excursion tomorrow.


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