Monday, December 6, 2010

Another trip to the Vet


Friday night I was having a great time chasing my stick through the brush when all of a sudden my left eye began to hurt.  When we got home I kept pawing at it. It hurt but hurt worse when I would paw at it. Finally I left it alone but mom kept checking at and Saturday afternoon she said she could see two small splinters in it.  She called the 24 hour Vet line and they said I had to come in and be seen.

I'm over by the door

Hey, there's a black cat in this bag!

Look just to the right of my brown fleck and you can see the two tiny splinters embedded in my eye.  The Vet said they had to come out and I would have to under go minor surgery.  Mom and I  waited three hours there  till they could do it because an emergency case came in.  I think she was more worried about me that I was. They took me away and when brought me back the splinters were gone.
I did not feel so good till the next day and mom hung out with me all night till I was feeling better.  I feel fine now but I have to have a bunch of eye drops and a pill to take every day for a week. 
Mom says no more playing in that area where all the sticker bushes are. She said she will have to be real careful where she throws my stick cuz I am a wild man when I go after it.


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