Sunday, January 30, 2011

View Anchorage Alaska


I know this is my doggy bloggy but I know that you all are interested in Alaska.  Our ISP has some web cams throughout the city and here are a few shots we thought you might enjoy. Here is the link to our ISP web cam site to you can go and check it out any old time.  http://www.borealisbroadband.net/webcamultiview.htm

                                                   Midtown looking North in November

                                                 Same camera on a crisp October day

                                                                 Midtown looking east

                                                               Same camera in August

                                                        Same camera at night in April

                         These next three are of Mount Susitna or otherwise called Sleeping Lady



Mom was born and lived in a house that was on the bluff and had this exact view.  Unfortunately the house was demolished in a big earthquake.  Moms dad had a duck hunting cabin below Sleeping Lady and mom would hunt there with her dad every fall.  Man, I wish I could have met him. He loved dogs and passed that love on to mom.  The last three dogs he had were Welsh Terriers like our friend George the Lad.

                                                          Town Square, downtown in January

These next two shots are taken in McGrath, Alaska.  It is a village of about four hundred people in interior Alaska.  There are no roads to McGrath, you have to fly in and out.


                                   So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed my web cam tour.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Like it Raw !


Mom has me on a Raw diet now.  She does mostly the BARF model with some PREY model as well.  I like it all!  Nothing like a big meaty bone and ox tails.  What's for dinner tonight? Pure grass fed, hormone and abx. free, free range  New Zealand Venison, with spinach, broccoli, fish oil and a sardine on top!

Mom uses Bravo brand after a ton of research and she is very pleased with the quality of their product.
You can go to there website and see for yourself      www.bravorawdiet.com

Scarf, scarf, scarf

                                   Karma likes raw too.  Her favorites are salmon and beef.

                                                             Mort likes to get in on the act.

So there you have it!  It took mom a while to work into the totally raw diet for me but I am glad she did.  I'm loving it.  I had a sensitivity to poultry in the past but mom says she will try me with some raw chicken in a few months and see how it goes.  Chicken backs are wonderful and I am really hoping I can eat them again.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Playing on Grandmas Bed


After dinner while Grandma sits in her lounge chair mom and I play on her bed and the three of us watch TV together.

Mom will throw my ball into the hall or the closet and I will bring it back to her like lighting!


                                                      Please mom, don't tease me like that!

                                                               I'm a good boy

                                                     Hah, I give her a raspberry!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Below zero at Connor Lake


                 The sun was out but the wind was blowing and it was below zero without the chill factor!

Crossing the lake with no wind cover was a chilling experience. Even all bundled up I had forgotten a scarf and my face and neck were freezing. I had a hat on but my ears were awfully cold too.

Check out those scars on his nose.  Ryker kept sticking his nose too close to a little apricot poodle mix and got bit on the nose not once but two or three times.  Slow learner, or maybe she was worth it?


Monday, January 24, 2011

Persistence pays off


                            Somebody better play with me...I'm not going away!  I am very persistent.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Late Afternoon Stroll


View from the hood

                                            Some fog rolled in and left some frost behind.

                            Other than the biting cold it's a beautiful walk through the woods.

Ryker as always seems totally unaffected by the cold.  Must be that high metabolism. I was like that growing up here, but as I get older it seems colder.

 Today it is just the two of us and the quiet disturbed only by the crunch of snow beneath our feet.

                                                                    Oh so peaceful.


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