Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not a Wordless Wednesday

I have good news and more good news!  For those of you that have been asking, my mama is doing very well  : )   She has 24 more radiation treatments to go.

The other good news is my half sister is Prego and expecting on April 22nd!
My sister Kenzie is the Blue Merle and her boyfriend Tux is the Black Tri with one blue eye.
They are going to have some amazing puppies!

Makana and Tagalong mini Aussies are excited for our much-anticipated, co-bred litter! 
 Tux and Kenzie's kids are due April 22nd and should produce stunning blue merle and black tri kids.  Tux is red factored and Kenzie could be, so we'll cross our fingers for some red as well!
Tux is a phenomenal 17" black tri boy who loves everyone.  His bum never stops wiggling and the smile never leaves his irresistable face.  He was evaluated as an adult by Pat Hastings as show quality.  She said that he has the head, substance and breed type that our dogs need.  Add to that a nicely-balanced dog with correct front and rear angulation and you have the total package.
Kenzie is our beloved, bomb-proof 17 3/4" blue merle diva.  She's as bold as they come in a fun-loving package.  She truly can find the party anywhere and if there isn't a party, she'll have to start one up.  Kenzie evaluated as #1 in a very nice, all show quality litter, evaluated by Pat Hastings.  Her and two of her siblings evaluated as specials.  She has grown into a beautiful girl with very correct conformation. 
Click here to watch mom and dad on Youtube:

I can't wait to see those little puppies and will be sure to share the photo's with you.  I mean who doesn't love puppy pictures???


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