Monday, July 18, 2011

Post Bath time is Fun Time!

I don't like getting a bath...

But when the water goes off and the towels come out I go nuts and have a ball!

After a good rub down mom shouts "Toweley" and I run to my big towel and roll, wiggle and squirm like a little maniac!

I jump up, spin around, shake, and then throw myself back down on my towel and do it all again.  Mom and Dad laugh and laugh at me.  We all have a fun time!

The cats all run and hide. They just don't get it.

Now if we could just skip the soap and water stuff it would be fine with me.  Mom and Dad ohh and ahh over how good I smell and how fluffy my coat is.  I feel special  : )

Baths aren't all bad.


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