Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Backyard Encounter

I was just minding my own business playing Frisbee in the back yard with Mama and who should appear...

but another one of them pesky moose.  I am not a big fan of moose invading my home space.

This one seemed real curious about what I was up too.  We have had a lot of snow this year and the moose are hungry and crabby.

It just kept on coming with it's head down, not sure what that meant but I finally dropped my Frisbee and high-tailed it up onto the porch.

It walked right up to my Frisbee and gave it a good sniff.  Guess it was wondering what all the fuss was about.  It did not seem as impressed with my toy as I am.  Silly moose!  Mama says they aren't very bright.

I gave it a few good barks just to assert my territorial dominance before mama called me into the house and closed the cat door.  Oh, the indignity of it all.  That moose had better leave my Frisbee alone or I will have to kick it's butt!


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