Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My neighbor dogs and a tortoise named Bogie

I love the dogs that live across the street from me.  I cry and carry on when I see them out in the yard. Finnegan and I have so much fun playing together and little Tally is always trying to kick my butt, or bite it.


    Finny is a Wheaten Terrier and a little bit younger than me.  He is very sweet and loves to play.

                                                    Before Fin it was just Tally and Bogie....

 Yup, Bogie is a tortoise and they have had him since he was a baby and he is 26 years old!  Pretty cool huh?
He must be a very tolerant tortoise to put up with feisty little Tally.  She's a rescued terrier mix and looks almost like a mini Finny!

               Love thy Neighbor... no problem here.  Who couldn't love a sweet fur face like Fin!


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