Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday



Do you have a "Look a Like" in Alaska?


We ran across this little pup at the dog park and we had to post it cuz it looks so much like Bea from 'BCX4 plus one more' 

Granted this pup is a boy with blue eyes and is a mix breed rescue but the expression, eyebrows and ears makes me think Bea!

One ear up and one down like the Beaster!

                 So Carolyn, what do you think.  Does little Bea have a relative here in Alaska? 

             And in the above photo the dog playing tug of war with Ryker resembles Shiva a bit.

    Good news, I got my cone of shame(mom calls it the cone of healing) and dressing off today!!!

I have one stitch left at the top.   I lost most of my thick and rough outer pad.  Mom thinks she may have to protect it somehow when ever we do rough play.

                         But right now I am one happy camper!   I got my freedom back!


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