Sunday, October 31, 2010



Oh Boy, it's our favorite Holiday!  Mom gets a little wacky on  October 31st.

                                           Look what I dug up. I hope mom lets me take it home!

                            Oh my, it ran away and slimbed up a tree, whoops climbed up the tree.

                            I think it's scared of me and my big chompers.  I do enjoy a good bone!

                                                           It does smell pretty good...

                               Oh yeah, definitely want to bring this thing home and work on it.
                                   Mom, go get the car before it makes a run for it.  Hurry!

                          Did I say mom gets wacko this time of year? Well here is the evidence...

                                     Eeewww, Help!   Somebody get the rabid cat off of me!!!

                                                                  BOO !!!

Here are a few costumes I tried out but rejected...

                                                        Here I am in my costume that mom made me...Mom has a few names for me in it,  but that will be tomorrows post.
Those kids should be here soon...I smell candy


                                                                      Ready for a treat????


                                            Have a Spooktacular Howl-o-ween!  

                                            You know I will!



Saturday, October 30, 2010

OMD, It's the pumpkin head !

Is it a Pumpkin with Ryker feet ...or...Ryker feet with  a Pumpkin ?          

                            Nope, just Pumpkin Herding in the local graveyard.  An annual event!

Peek-a-Boo.....I can see inside you !


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Great Land

Hi Everybody, Ryker here. Mom and her friend took us to Kincaid Park and the Dunes for a day of fun and adventure. 

Mom's friend brought Baxter and Jenny along to play with.  I really like Baxter.  He's the big black dog and he can run almost as fast as I can.  We like to run and wrestle.  Jenny, the small white dog likes to walk around and smell stuff.          Check out that scenery...sweet!

It  really is nice here. I love all this sand!   I had to stop and bark at Jenny to hurry up and stop smelling so much stuff.

                         Look, there she is Still smelling stuff. Pfffft. Girls!  Hurry up would ya Jenny!

                         Woohoooooooooo! Come on Baxter.  Time to RUN!

                           Look at me, Mom.  Look at me.  Comin' at ya.


                        There are lots of sticks here and you know I'm lovin' that!

You want to take my stick?  I dare you too!

                               Lightening  speed!!  No one can catch me.

                                                      Akk, a Baxter attack!

You don't know who your dealing with Baxter my friend!

                                                             Ha, victory is mine!

                                                 Hey Baxter, where did ya go???

                                                 Oh, man, there you are. Gotcha', eat dirt!



                                                Look at me...I'm King of the Hill!

                                   Gettin' late, gettin' hungry, time to head for home.

Alaska is called the Great Land and I certainly agree!  Hey, I just had a Great Day in the Great Land.
Mom said that if I howl loud enough, you might hear me, so I howled as loud as I could.                 Did ya hear me???


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Blind Aussies in need of help/ Pass it on...

1. TX, Tool: "Brett", Blind Aussie Pup-6 wks old Needs Rescue or Foster

This is Brett. Brett was found dumped in a ditch on a private road in Henderson County. A good guy stopped and picked him up and brought him in to us. He is covered in fleas and very hungry. And he is totally blind!! He has no retina which is why he was dumped. Brett needs a foster immediately. He is currently living in our cat room. He will get a bath today and get his 1st puppy shot and worming. Please consider helping Brett!!
If you can help Brett, please contact:
Krista Mc Anally
Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake
Tool TX - Approx 52 miles SE of Dallas
903 432-3422

2.  URGENT!!: KY, Louisville: 3 Lethal White Aussie/ Boder collie Puppies

There are three white Australian Shepard/Bordie Collie mix pups that need a foster or adopter ASAP! They are 11 weeks old, negative for parvo, and one is blind and the other two can only see with one eye possibly due to a genetic problem (lethal whites.)I wanted to put this up earlier today but didn't have correct contact info. These pups are at a vet but can't stay more than a couple of days. Let's find this pups a home!
If you know of someone willing to foster or adopt or a rescue who can take them please call:
Mary Ann (cell) 502-419-6991
Dianne (cell) 502-558-6873
If you cannot get in touch then call me, Ken, 502-267-9488, or email ken@save-an-animal.org.

3.  SAFE!! AR: "Snowshoe", Deaf/Limited Vision 12 Week Old Aussie

Snowshoe is a Deaf/Limited vision 12 week old Aussie in need of rescue or permanent home.
She has been given 3 puppy vaccines, will be given a rabies and spayed prior to leaving.
She is located in Arkansas. We can try to arrange transportation or possibly Pilot and Paws could be used.
If you can help Showshoe, please contact:pudelcrazy@gmail.com

4.  EXTREMELY URGENT!! TX, Irving: Deaf Aussie Shepherd Mix

NAME: Shiloh
CAGE NO: stray area
BREED: Aussie Shepherd-X
SEX: male
EST. AGE: 5 months
EST. WEIGHT: 30 lbs
HEALTH: DEAF...appears healthy otherwise.
If you can help Shiloh, please contact:
Although the shelter is closed to the public on Sundayand Monday rescues can still pull animals on these days by coordinating with Laura (shelter supervisor).
Her email address is lforsythe@cityofirving.org
IF YOU WANT TO RESCUE AN URGENT DOG AFTER THE SHELTER IS CLOSED CALL THE RESCUE HOTLINE 972-721-3597. Irving Shelter Telephone: 972-721-2256 or 972-721-2257. The Shelter Hours: Mon - Fri 11:00am to 6:00pm Sat noon to 5:00 pm. Sun closed.

Partially deaf & blind Australian Shepherd

This poor girl is an Australian Shepherd allegedly abandoned at the vet's office by a local rescue. Long and short of it is that the rescue dumped the dog at the vet for tests and when they called back to tell them everything was ok, they said they did not want the dog back and to either find a home for it or euthanize it. She is 5 yrs. old and partially deaf & blind. Rocky Mtn Heeler Rescue is so wonderful and is going to pay for 2 weeks boarding.
If you can help this pup, please contact:
Mel Petrucelli

Monday, October 25, 2010

Me and Baxter

Mom and and her friend took us all for a walk at the Dunes.  It was my first time there and I gotta say that was alot of sand...very cool!


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