Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mort and I are becoming fast friends

Mom had a massage the other day and I got to join her! It was really nice with the relaxing music and pleasant smells. I fell asleep under the table.    How does that song go?          Good, good, good, good vibrations...

 Mort the cat has really warmed up to me...we play a lot now.  He has a pretty dry sense of humor and surely knows how to tell me he has had enough. But his enough button is getting harder and harder to push   : )

            LET'S PLAY !

 I am not crazy about my dog beds, they are too hot!  I like to stretch out on a cool firm surface.    Morty has taken to laying in my beds. Guess he prefers that warm cushy feeling...
Hey, is that my chewy bone???

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