Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mort and I are becoming fast friends

Mom had a massage the other day and I got to join her! It was really nice with the relaxing music and pleasant smells. I fell asleep under the table.    How does that song go?          Good, good, good, good vibrations...

 Mort the cat has really warmed up to me...we play a lot now.  He has a pretty dry sense of humor and surely knows how to tell me he has had enough. But his enough button is getting harder and harder to push   : )

            LET'S PLAY !

 I am not crazy about my dog beds, they are too hot!  I like to stretch out on a cool firm surface.    Morty has taken to laying in my beds. Guess he prefers that warm cushy feeling...
Hey, is that my chewy bone???


  1. O my gosh!! where do they let you take your dog with you for a massage?!?!?! that is awesome!! =) Ryker is SO handsome!! I was showing my inlaws your blog to show what Ace is going to look like when he grows up! haha
    PS-Ace HATES beds...he gets way to hot! He sleeps in his crate right on the plastic bottom all sprawled out! When I put his crate bed in there he shoves it all the way to the side...I finally got the picture haha

  2. Great pictures! It is good to be friends with your resident cat, however I would not let him steal your bone! Next thing you know he will think he is the boss!

    Emma Rose

  3. I'm not a fan of cats, but massages... count us in!

  4. It's great to see you getting along like, well, like cats and dogs!



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