Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Snow???

OK all you lucky ducks enjoying spring out there. We just got another foot of the fluffy white stuff. Here I am trudging through it chasing my Frisbee and the Big Blue Orb.
No Dog Park today, we went to the sports field just down the road from our house. Big open areas to run and play. It is open to dogs but there are not many that come here.  Mom says in the summer there is a group of Aussie's that herd big orbs like mine here very week.

Whooo hooo, I'm a snowplow!!!

Mom had me chasing the Big Blue all over the place. That snow was pretty deep in places and I had to keep my head up if ya know what I mean.  I sure hope I get an extra serving of chow tonight, this is hard work!

I must say it is a beautiful day out, sunny but cold!

 Hope you are all have a great day.  Catch ya later!

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