Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Trick or Treat

© jimnks
Candy candy in the bag                                      
It's that time of year
Funny clown witchy hag
Another house is near

Popcorn balls and tootsie rolls
A handful is the best
Taken from the biggest bowls
At homes that pass the test

Ding dong ring the bell
Trick or treat is said
And if it does not go so well
Then mark the first word said

Trees draped in toilet paper
Fecal bags on fire
Dressed like an undertaker
The trick was their desire

Midnight comes all bags are full
Time to count the bounty
The night is done we've played our role
All throughout the county

Enjoy this yearly fun filled night
Feast upon it's riches
From the first and final bite
Of Hugs and Hershey Kisses

Mama's feeling bitchy, oops, I mean Witchy this season.  She tastes like green apples!  Would someone get those rats off of me!

Oh no you didn't!!!  Now how on earth am I gonna herd myself???

This is just plain cruel.  I used to love Halloween, now I'm not so sure.

Mama is totally into Zombies.  She can't wait for the weekly release of The Walking Dead on AMC.
You best be careful if your gonna come Trick or Treating at our house this year.  She might eat your brains!!!  And I might just help her!

Coming soon to a theater near you, Frankenweenie, starring Ryker!

a pumpkins nightmare


Monday, October 29, 2012

Custom Glass Ryker Pendant !!!

Etsy.com is a fantastic website.  Mama has had custom work done by various artists from buttons to paintings and now I am immortalized in a glass pendant which she wears with pride...
All mama did was email this talented artist Fanny a photo of me and she made this with little bits of glass heated to 1700 degrees.  Our friend from BCX4 has some of her sheep pieces. 
You can check out her awesome work at
                  Her shop is called ArtoftheMoment and we think she rocks!
                              She also makes keychains for the guys...


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Who stole the pumpkins from the pumpkin patch?

Mama bought some nice pumpkins to decorate the front yard.  One of the pumpkins was pink.   Yes, they grow pink pumpkins and you pay extra because some of the proceeds go toward curing Breast Cancer.   Anyhow, mama goes out to admire the pumpkins and take some pictures of her handiwork and ...

this is all that is left.  That and a swashed down area of grass in the front yard!  Hmmmm...

Ryker, did you eat my pumpkins?

No Mama, it wasn't me, but I know who did.  Follow me to the back yard and meet the guilty parties.

They are still hungry!  Now the are eating the strawberry and honey berry plants.

This is the one who slept in the front yard after his meal.  What a bunch of Bull!

Aren't you gonna punish him mama?

No baby, I think we will let this one ride.  They have to fatten up for another long hard winter.

Now we have to go and buy more replacement  pumpkins.  I think they have moved on.

Oh goodie, road trip!  Can we stop at the pet store and get me something too?

Yeah, I think we can do that Ryker.   Mama is feeling better today!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dr. Ryker to the Rescue!

Today I have the most important job ever.  My Mama is in the Hospital.  She has an infection and isn't feeling well.  She needs Dr. Ryker.  Stat!

But first, I have to scrub up.  All doctors gotta scrub up before they visit patients.  Here I am getting dried off with my towlie.  Don't be takin' a picture of me Nekkid, Daddy.

Then I gotta put on my uniform.  Don't I look official?  I even got my serious Doctor face on.

Come on Daddy, we gotta get moving.  Stat!  No time to waste!  You drive.  I'll make the Ambulance sounds.

We raced through town to the Hospital.  I ran straight up to the room.  I was a blur while I was diagnosing her condition and thinkin' up her treatment protocol.

Emergency Kissie-face is what's called for here.  Lots of it too.  And not a moment too soon!

Stay back Daddy.  I got work to do here.  Mama needs more treatment.

How you feelin' now Mama?  Lemme check your vitals.  Hold still.

Looks like she's gonna need another 20 lick-c's of Kissie Face.

 I think we did it.  She's starting to come around.  We got here just in time.

 Lay back Mama.  I gotta do some hug therapy.  This is gonna take a minute, but it won't hurt.

 Ok.  I got the emergency treatment done.  The patient has to get some rest now so you gotta be quiet, ok? 

All this doctoring sure makes a doggie tired.  I'm gonna stay by the patient here and monitor her condition.  You could go get us something to drink, Daddy.

Sigh.  I can't help but think about all those other humans out there who need Dr. Ryker.

Oh, you're back!  Look!  The treatment worked.  Mama is happy again and feeling much better.

I'm glad you're feelin' better Mama.  I better go do my rounds.  There's still a lot of other patients that need a Dr. Ryker visit.  We can't be selfish.

Remember, lots of fluids and bed rest.  I'll come back tomorrow to check on you.

 Let's get to the next floor Daddy.  There's still lots of work to do . . .

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My New Neighborhood Friends and much more...

We have some new dogs in the neighborhood that I would like you to meet.

This is Haley, she lives directly behind us and is a Cavalier Cocker mix.  She loves me and food and is a frequent visitor at our house.

She comes in of her own accord, especially around suppertime.  Just pops in the cat door when she smells something good on the stove!

She's not much for Frisbee but follows me around like a love sick puppy.

Then we have Chrome...he is an Aussie mix pup that our neighbors down the street rescued. They are not sure what he is mixed with.  Half the pups looked like Chrome and the other half where just black.  All the spotted pups were adopted first.

He is very cute and I must admit I am a bit jealous or all the attention he receives.  I haven't been on my best behavior when we have been together.  Mama is a bit disappointed in me.
Maybe it's because he got to keep his tail.  What is up with that anyhow?  Where is my tail mama?

Chrome is as big as me now but still a rambunctious pup.  Mama hopes we will become friends eventually...we'll see.

I helped to harvest all the carrots.  We had a small crop this year, not enough sun and too much rain.  But what we got should last us till the new year and they taste darn good!  She dried and stored the parsley too.

This photo was take in the garden this August and mama thinks it is pretty.

We did have snow last week but now it has warmed up again and we are getting a lot more rain.

Our crawl space has flooded and we need to install another sump pump.

The leaves keep falling...

and life goes on...

Mama is doing very well and feeling good.  She still has a couple months left of Herceptin infusions and you can bet I will be in her lap for each and every one.

Mama and dad recently celebrate their 19th Anniversary!  Dad got her the most amazing bouquet of flowers with nineteen roses in it!  Good job dad!

And just this Friday Mama had a Birthday and dad threw a big ole party for her!  The house was jam packed with people, dogs and food.  It was great!  Mama was really surprised and so very happy to be surrounded by so many wonderful people that care about her. 
  And of course more flowers, cards, gifts, etc. and TWO CAKES! 

Today a friend of ours is having a birthday, looks like we will be having more cake.  Hope somebody drops their plate!


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