Thursday, October 25, 2012

Who stole the pumpkins from the pumpkin patch?

Mama bought some nice pumpkins to decorate the front yard.  One of the pumpkins was pink.   Yes, they grow pink pumpkins and you pay extra because some of the proceeds go toward curing Breast Cancer.   Anyhow, mama goes out to admire the pumpkins and take some pictures of her handiwork and ...

this is all that is left.  That and a swashed down area of grass in the front yard!  Hmmmm...

Ryker, did you eat my pumpkins?

No Mama, it wasn't me, but I know who did.  Follow me to the back yard and meet the guilty parties.

They are still hungry!  Now the are eating the strawberry and honey berry plants.

This is the one who slept in the front yard after his meal.  What a bunch of Bull!

Aren't you gonna punish him mama?

No baby, I think we will let this one ride.  They have to fatten up for another long hard winter.

Now we have to go and buy more replacement  pumpkins.  I think they have moved on.

Oh goodie, road trip!  Can we stop at the pet store and get me something too?

Yeah, I think we can do that Ryker.   Mama is feeling better today!


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