Sunday, June 26, 2011

King Crab!


Mom says one of the great reasons to live in Alaska is the abundance of Alaskan King Crab.  We have been lucky this year to have been gifted  large amounts of King Crab three times this year!  Thank you friends and neighbors!

Scarey looking when alive, but oh so delicious  with drawn lemon-garlic butter or made into yummy crab cakes!

Mom says cleaning them is hard work and sometimes involves a band-aid or two!  But well worth the effort.

This is making me drool...                succulent!

Oh boy, King Crabby Patties!

Oh mama, I hope your cooking one of those for me.

No worries, I did get some, and it was darn good too!

awesome...Alaskan King Crab fresh out of the hot pot!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another life saved!


I live in a house with four cats.  There are bound to be some bugs, mice and birds killed.  However, at least one of our cats just likes to play with them.  She will bring them into the house alive, the birds fly around and poop all over the place, the mice run around and play hide and seek, the bugs, well they usually get eaten.  Mom does have a big collection of dried dragon flies though.


Today mom spent three hours trying to catch a little mouse Karma brought in.  He was a fast little guy! 

Eventually she caught him and returned him to the forest.  Another life saved.  So far that makes three mice and one bird saved this summer.  Keep up the good work mom!

awesome...finding your keys or credit card after looking forever.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ducks, swimming, frisbee, park!


What an awesome day I spent in the park...

Cousin Bev is visiting and mom took us to the mid-town park for the afternoon.  The sun was really bright and oh so warm.  Bev is really fun and likes to throw the round thingy for me.

The more I jumped the more she would throw it!

I don't need much encouragement!

This is also the park with a lake filled full of ducks and geese!  Perfect!

I could use a swim to cool off and get a big drink.  It is hot out today!

And waterfowl to entertain me too!

Baby ducks and geese abound.  Here are some goslings swimming with their parents.

Mama ducks with their ducklings.

So cute!

They can even walk (or run) on water.  Here they are running to dad and away from me.

I met a friend of mine, Noodles!  Sometimes I see  Noodles at the dentist office where mom gets her teeth checked.  Noodles belongs to one of the nice ladies that work there.

I made a new friend. A very pretty Bull Terrier and she likes to play Frisbee too!  Can't beat that.

What a super duper day!

awesome...solving the Wheel of Fortune puzzle before the people on the show.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Soft seat


Mama had a yard sale last weekend...

As usual I found the best seat in the house!

awesome...a sunny day spent at the lake!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dog sitting


My mama has been dog sitting the neighbors dog Chili while they are in Europe. I never cared much for Chili. He is a rescued dog with fear aggression and attacks me. Now he is my arch enemy and I attack him too. I just hate it when mom leaves the backyard to go take care of him. I wait at the property line till she returns.  She promised me she won't do this to me again. 

He looks all sweet and innocent, but if your a dog you'd best keep your distance! 

Mom says the best way to wear him out in a good long bike ride!  Despite the look on his face he loves it.  Only dangerous for mom if she passes another dog.   She learned the hard way to stop and keep a firm grip on him or else he would pull the bike over. You should she her elbow!  All bloody and bruised from the first encounter. 

Mom here... " Chili is a the sweetest dog with people, just very afraid of other dogs.  Poor guy.  His  folks just got home and brought me the most beautiful silk and cashmere scarf from Verona Italy!  But I don't think I will put Ryker through this again, he was so very jealous of the time I spent with Chili."

awesome...being able to take an afternoon nap!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Good or bad karma?


Oh, a good karma day...sunshine and no heavy wind!!!

Oh, and I spot a bunny in the yard!

Uh Oh, how did that get in there?

Hey Mom, can't you help me out here??? 
Drat, she looks pretty busy in the garden.

Looks like I am gonna have to handle this myself.  I really hate getting water up my nose!

Well, I must give today a dew claw up, despite the pool incident.  Hope your having a good karma kind of day too!

Awesome, the smell of baking bread.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

This post is for George!


Mom has been wanting to post pictures of her long passed Welsh Terriers.  She said she considered getting one instead of me...holy cow! Can you believe that? I find it hard to wrap my head around. I do think they look like they would be a ton of fun to play with though. We don't have any around here that I have met as yet.

My father got Corkie when I was fresh out of college and living on my own. He was totally in love with this pup.

She was a "Pet Quality" pup, not destine to be a show dog.  She was a great pet and devoted companion.

She was daddy's girl, but loving and wonderful with every one.

Dad learned to clip her himself. He did a pretty good job of it.

Corkie LOVED to open packages.  She thought every package was for her.  She had to be watched very carefully at Christmas time but once Christmas morning came she had to open them all!  We spent a lot of time wrapping many milk bones up for her.  She had such enthusiasm!

But Corkie's real love she shared with her dad...and that was duck hunting.  She put many a retriever to shame on the duck flats.  Here she is bringing in a duck.

Duffel Dog
She loved it so much that when she saw dad starting to pack the car up she would try and hide in the car so he wouldn't forget to take her!

Corkie Island

Dock Diving

She had an army sleeping bag that was her bed in camp.  I don't think there was anyplace that she and dad would rather be than roaming the duck flats.

When Corkie was about five years old dad got a second Welsh Terrier.
Skippy or Skip for short.  He was very handsome and sweet as could be.

But little Skip ad problems. He developed terrible seizures that did not respond to medication and before he reached a year of age we had to put him down.  It was heartbreaking. 

Corkie lived to the age of twelve and died of cancer of the jaw.  Welch Terriers will always have a place in my heart.  They are wonderful dogs, sweet, curious, energetic, smart and eager to please, a perfect package.

Awesome, the smell of brewing coffee as you wake.


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