Friday, August 9, 2013

Jewel of a Lake

I love going to the lake, any lake will do.  This trip we went to Jewel Lake.  Mama lived a good part of her school days in this lake.  Her best friend lived on the lake and they were in there most any chance they got.

Dad got a new pontoon boat from Costco.

He says he will use it to tow us around on the Fun Island. I says lets do it!!!

Oh Yeah, this is good stuff!

Several of our friend joined us...

Party on the lake!  Whoot whoot!!!  Would you believe it's 7pm?

Hey Mama, that's my Frisbee.  What the heck does she think she's doing?


Mama says we should move somewhere that we can do this year around.  But give up my snow...I don't think so!

OK, everyone load in and I'll drive us home.

We almost bought a house on this lake a couple years ago...mama says she kinda regrets it on nice days like this.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

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