Monday, July 2, 2012

Foster Family

Hey, we are an offical foster family.  Mama recused the cutest little mini Aussie today from the pound.  She has given him a good bath and groomed his front half...tomorrow the back half .
His new name is Bingo!  This is his pound photo.

He is settleing in well and has fairly good manners. Very loving little guy.

He is smaller than me, about 33 pounds and about 2 years 9 months of age.

The really sad thing is that this was his 4th adoption.  The last family got rid of him because the lady of the house got pregnant.  Makes us want to puke!  At least he was neutered and chipped.

Anyhoo, mama has been cleaning Bingo up, working with him and trying to find him the perfect forever home.  It is fun being a foster big brother, we get along real well.  I have so many things to teach him.  Can you believe he doesn't know how to fetch or catch a Frisbee?   Poor little guy!  But he is an Aussie so he is learning fast.




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