Monday, March 22, 2010


Mom said if I'm gonna be a Therapy Dog I have to get use to different situations, so she took me with her to a face casting workshop that her friend Erin Pollock and  Steph were doing.                                  http://www.keseypollock.com/wax.html

That is Erin on the the right and Steph Kese on the left.  They let me come in the studio and hang out while they made huge messes and nobody yelled at them. What up with that?

Here I am trying to mooch a snack!

Mom casted Grandma's face...pretty cool! Looks like grandma when she's sleeping.

It was a fun long day. Mom said she was proud of me for being well behaved. I was proud of her too. Just look how happy she made Grandma!

Free my Wiggle Butt!

Mom took me to Petco the other day.  She got all excited because they were doing Free Pet Photos. It was a real pain except for the treats.  They wanted me to wear another hat!  I hat hats!!! Except to chew up, they're good for that.

Mom said she really liked my pictures but they weren't all free.  She must have been happy with me cuz she bought me some chewy bones and a squeaky ball!

Petco Rocks!

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