Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cool Clear Water!

We took a road trip to gather...water.  Moms Naturalistic Doctor gets his water directly from Mother Nature.  So we headed down the road to see what all the fuss was about.

It was a beautiful drive along the Seward Highway to mile 109.

When we got there other folks had the same idea.  I was told sometimes the line is thirteen people long!  A couple there said they use it for all there canning.

The water was coming right out of the rocky mountain.  It was ice cold and delicious!!!

We filedl up our jugs and headed out to explore the area afterwards.
We stopped at Beluga Point and hiked around a bit.  No Belugas spotted today but it was still fun to run around.

The tide was in and it covered up most of that silty mud.

Mom was enjoying all the wild flowers.

I was looking for sticks.  Gotta have sticks here for mama to throw!

We found our way down to the waters edge.

And I had my first experience with salt water and waves!  I bit those salty waves and played in the mud.  It was really cool!  Mama said I was on my own and she didn't want to get all muddy.  I brought some back for her to check out and deposited it all over her pants.  How could she not love mud?

We stopped again on the drive home when we spotted some waterfalls along the highway.

So when our 14 gallons of water is gone we get to do this all again....drink up!!!!


They should have a snow-cone eating challenge in the Pet Olympics!  I will compete in the Frisbee and stick competitions for sure.  Not sure what other events I will participate in yet, too many good choices!


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